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Chapter Constitution:   1-2016-17-RSL CHAPTER CONSTITUTION-9-12-16.pdf

Chapter Member List(Brother’s only): RSL Member List-Feb-2018


To receive reimbursement or pay vendor:   RSL Expense Voucher



Payment of Chapter Dues

Use button below to pay yearly and Senior Chapter dues:PayPal has a 2.9% +$0.30 fee on every transaction. Please as fee as directed.To avoid fee please pay directly to chapter with cash or check.Type “Chapter Dues” on Reason line.


For New Brother Chapter Dues are $250.00 (Make PayPal payment $257.55)

For Senior Chapter Dues are $150.00 w/ $10 Late Fee (Make PayPal payment $165.00)

For Regular Chapter Dues are $200.00 w/ $10 Late Fee  (Make PayPal payment $216.50)

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Email Communications

The Rho Sigma Lambda Chapter uses Yahoo Groups listserve to communicate with one another.  All active members are apart of this group.  To communicate with the entire chapter, simply send an email to:  to receive invite.